Scrum Foundation (AA-SF)

Often referred to as "Scrumdamentals" this course will give you a solid grounding in the basics of Scrum. Learn how Scrum works, what makes it different and why it's so popular.

Often referred to as “Scrumdamentals” this course will give you a solid grounding in the basics of Scrum. Learn how Scrum works, what makes it different and why it’s so popular.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to gain foundational understanding of Scrum.

Ideal for Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers, Project Managers, Leadership Teams. those collaborating with Scrum Teams and anyone who wants to understand the basics of Scrum.

Important: This course is a prerequisite for Agilistix Academy Scrum Master (AA-SM) course and higher.


In order to take this course you will have completed the Agilistix Academy Lean Agile Foundation (AA-LAF) course and passed the associated exam.

You should also read the Scrum Guide to familiarise yourself with the rules of the game. It’s only 13 pages, easy to learn, difficult to master!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of empiricism.
  • Name the 3 Pillars of Scrum.
  • List the Scrum events.
  • Identify the accountabilities of Scrum.
  • Name the artifacts of Scrum.
  • Discuss the Scrum commitments.
  • Explain the Scrum Values.
  • Implement the Scrum Values in the workplace.
  • Experiment with Scrum for complex product delivery.
  • Successfully complete the Agilistix Academy Scrum Foundation (AA-SF) exam.


In order to graduate this course, you must successfully complete the Agilistix Academy Scrum Foundation (AA-SF) exam.

  • Fee: Included with AA-SF course
  • Questions: 30
  • Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False
  • Timebox: 30 minutes
  • Pass Mark: 80%
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Language: English only


Exams are always optional. We recognise that for many people, the training is more important than a credential or certificate.

Although we recommend taking our courses in the recommended progressive order, starting with the foundational courses, this is not mandatory. Feel free to learn at your own pace and take the courses that suit you.

However, in order to maintain the highest standards of certification, where a course has an associated exam and certification is required, the exam must be taken in the stated order, in conjunction with any prerequisite foundational exams.

Exam Rules

It is not possible to skip lower-level exams in order to take higher-level ones.

Please ensure that you purchase and pass the relevant foundational exams (included with individual training courses and course bundle deals), before attempting higher level exams. You will not be permitted to take an exam without passing the prerequisite foundational exams first.

Your Graduation

Upon successful completion of each exam you will receive:

  • A lifetime (non-expiring) Blockchain verifiable, Digital Badge for each exam for use on your CV, online social media profiles such as LinkedIn, email footers, websites to promote your achievement and build your personal brand.
  • A lifetime (non-expiring) Digital Certificate of Completion for each exam, with your name and unique Learner ID, substantiating your credential.
  • 60 days free membership of the Agilistix Academy community, where you can share your Agile learning experience with your peers, receive support and, whilst your membership remains active:
    • Enjoy FREE post-training coaching workshops to set you up for success.
    • Access to Agilistix Academy benefits, including community webinars and events, workshops.
      Access to Agilistix Academy Faculty Team for professional advice.
    • Opportunity to renew your Agilistix Academy membership and continue to enjoy the benefits once your free membership expires.
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Course Includes

  • 46 Lessons
  • 1 Exam