Train & Grow

Train & Go


Train & Grow?

Our training is just the beginning of your incredible journey towards successful outcomes.
We call it, Train & Grow!
It’s a well-established business model and accepted practice across much of the training industry.
But you deserve better.
Your relationship with other training organisations ends when the training ends.
After completing our training, we invite you to stay with us for a while, grow your knowledge and confidence as you continually improve with the help of our Faculty Team coaches.
From experience, we know that your deepest learning really starts at the end of our training, when you actually begin to implement what you have learned. This is when your need for professional coaching support is highest.
After your training course is over, our qualifying courses* also give you ongoing coaching, through limited-time membership of Agilistix Academy, FREE of charge.
Yes, we did say free of charge.
This is to set you up for success while you grow your knowledge and deepen your experience.

Join Our Community Coaching Workshops

As an Agilistix Academy limited-time member, you can join any of our planned Community Coaching Workshops. These workshops are fundamental to our learning approach and we encourage you to make use of them.
Use your post-training coaching to help with preparing yourself for our optional exams.
Or perhaps you need expert advice on practical issues that you may be experiencing at work with your teams.
Maybe you are just curious and want to join our Community Coaching Workshops to see what else you can learn from our Faculty Team. Rest assured, there is always an opportunity to open your mind and learn something new.

We call it, Train & Grow!

This is your FREE coaching opportunity, available with qualifying courses*

With FREE post-training coaching, Agile community workshops, events and discussion forums, our family always has room to welcome more people like you!

*Courses qualifying for limited-time membership of the Agilistix Academy will be clearly identified as such.