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Delivery With Agility Community Guidelines

 Step into the Delivery With Agility Community, where innovation, collaboration and the power of persuasion thrive!

Join us on this exciting journey to find creative ways of delivering value to our customers faster and sustainably. Embrace the power of business agility in all its amazing forms.

Let’s shape the future together – as a community of like-minded people.

To ensure a positive and supportive experience for all members, we have established the following group rules.

To join the Delivery With Agility Community, simply register at:

It’s currently free to become a member.

By joining and participating in the Delivery With Agility Community, you agree to abide by these rules:

Be Respectful

Treat all members with respect, kindness, and empathy. We value diversity and inclusivity, so refrain from any form of discrimination, hate speech, or offensive behaviour.

Stay On-Topic

Keep your posts relevant to the group’s purpose and theme. Avoid sharing content that does not align with the group’s focus.

No Self-Promotion

While we encourage sharing knowledge and experiences, direct self-promotion is not allowed. Avoid posting excessive links or advertisements promoting personal or business interests.

Protect Privacy

Respect the privacy of fellow members. Do not share personal contact information or private details without explicit consent.

Avoid Spam

Refrain from spamming the group with repetitive or irrelevant content, including unrelated links, images, or messages.

Intellectual Property

Respect the intellectual property rights of others. Do not share copyrighted material without proper authorization.

No Inappropriate Content

Don’t share explicit or adult content, especially involving minors. We take this seriously and report it to the authorities.

Report Inappropriate Content

If you come across any content that violates our group rules or is inappropriate, report it to the group administrators immediately.

No Trolling or Harassment

Engaging in trolling, bullying, or any form of harassment is strictly prohibited. Keep interactions constructive and positive.

Stay Safe

Protect yourself and others from potential risks. Do not share sensitive personal information or engage in discussions that might compromise your safety.

Be Helpful and Supportive

Encourage meaningful discussions and provide helpful insights to fellow members. Support each other’s growth and learning.

Follow Platform Guidelines

Comply with the terms of service and guidelines of the platform hosting Delivery With Agility Community.

Respect Group Administrators

The group administrators are here to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all. Follow their instructions and decisions.

No Political or Religious Discussions

Avoid engaging in discussions related to politics or religious beliefs, as these topics can be divisive.

Use English (or Appropriate Language)

English is the primary language of the group. If posting in another language, provide an English translation or summary for the benefit of all members.

Do Your Research

Before asking questions, try searching for existing discussions to see if your query has already been addressed.

Be Patient and Understanding

Remember that the Delivery With Agility Community is a diverse community with members from various backgrounds and experiences. Practice patience and understanding in your interactions.

Consequences for Violations

Violating these rules may result in post removal, warning, temporary suspension, permanent removal from the Community and/or forfeiture of any fees paid, depending on the severity and frequency of the offence.

By being a part of the Delivery With Agility Community, you signify your agreement to these group rules.

Let’s make this community a positive and enriching space for everyone to learn, grow, and connect!